Azelia Hall Terms and Conditions for Hiring


1.  The booking confirmation with details of the proposed hiring has been or will be sent to you by email. It and these terms and conditions shall be read together. They will constitute a legally binding contract between you and the Trustees of Azelia Hall when and if you pay the booking deposit or other moneys. These terms and conditions can only be varied by written confirmation from us. The Trustees are referred to as "Us" "the Trustees" or "Azelia Hall"


 On agreement of the terms, a minimum booking deposit of 25% of the booking fee shall be paid by you within two days. You agree to pay the agreed security deposit at the latest 7 days before your event as a guarantee in respect of damage or breach of contract, including a charge for any additional work on behalf of Azelia Hall because of a breach of contract. Payment of the balance must be made by bank-to-bank transfer at least sixty days before the booking date and failure shall take effect as a cancellation of the hiring and we shall be entitled to keep the initial deposit. Upon completion of the booking. the security deposit (less any allowable deductions) shall be returned within 7 working days by bank-to-bank transfer to the originating account.


2.     You must:

(i)       Use the Hall and facilities respectably and responsibly and

(ii)      indemnify us in respect of any loss or damage to the premises or any part thereof or equipment or other property or any part thereof.

(iii)      Indemnify us in respect of any claims by third parties in respect of loss or damage to property or health or death or personal injury.

(iv)      Occupy the Hall only at times set out in the booking form and to the extent recorded there and you shall vacate it as specified.

(v)       Leave the premises and all our property and equipment in a clean and tidy condition and with all the tables and chairs returned to their original positions unless we have agreed to lay out the tables for you.

(vi)       Ensure that the floor is clean and all paper and debris are removed. You must supply refuse bags.

(vii)      Ensure that all children are properly supervised.

(viii)    Carry out a risk assessment for the activity you undertake during the hiring and provide us with a written copy if requested and you shall secure appropriate public liability insurance for your activity and produce the policy to us on request. You shall ensure that any contractors such as caterers have secured public liability insurance and provide us with a copy of the policy before the commencement of the hiring.

(ix)       Provide details of any table plans at least 10 days before your booking if we have agreed to set them up.

(x)        Ensure that all equipment and materials that you bring onto the premises are safe and compliant with all regulations and health and safety concerns including those related to batteries.

(xi)       Communicate and observe the following fire and safety precautions and any others which are notified to you by us. You must at the commencement of your hiring announce details of the exit routes and direct that in the event of a fire, all attendees go to the assembly point in the car park at the rear of the Hall. You must also ensure that all exits and escape routes are clear of obstructions at all times and that the fire doors are not compromised.

(xii)      Be responsible for the evacuation of all your personnel and visitors and particularly people with health conditions or impairments.

(xiii)     Ensure compliance with all aspects of health and safety during your hire including the availability of competent first aid for injuries.

(xiv)     Ensure that you are aware of the fire evacuation procedures and that all fire doors always remain closed and unobstructed.

(xv)      Ensure that all attendees act in a proper and considerate manner within the Hall and outside in the vicinity of it and that you and they are aware that verbal or physical abuse of us or our staff is not tolerated. In this connection, we remind you that CCTV cameras are in operation.


3.        You will remove all waste and equipment completely from the premises and take it away.


4.        You shall not:

(i)        Sell or supply alcohol on the premises unless you obtain an appropriate licence and comply with any terms and conditions attached to it.

(ii)       Smoke or allow smoking or vaping in any part of the premises or the surrounding grounds.

(iii)      Make any alterations or additions to lighting and power arrangements.

(iv)      Allow any fires or appliances with naked flames including candles and incense.

(v)       Insert or apply any nails tacks screws bolts adhesive tape glue or other substance to any part of the premises including the floor.

(vi)      Allow any fly-posting in or around the Hall or in its grounds.


5.        The specified booking hours are strictly inclusive of any so-called "setting up" time and inclusive of clearing and vacating time. If the agreed hours are exceeded, you will pay for the extra hours or part thereof at the agreed hourly rate but with a minimum of a full hour's rate for every hour exceeded and the security deposit may be applied for this.


6.        Azelia Hall may terminate any agreement for hiring at any time up to and including the date of the hire if:

(i)        It becomes aware of any fact which would, on its face, indicate that it would not be in the interests of the Hall, or is likely to prejudice the standing or responsibilities of the Trustees and

(ii)       if the premises are required for any parliamentary or local election or any other event of local or national interest or must be closed because of urgent repair requirements.


7.        In the event of such a cancellation, the liability of Azelia Hall shall be limited to a full refund of the 25% deposit and security deposit or other relevant payment made to it and without any liability to compensate for any associated loss of the hirer.


8.        You will be entitled to cancel the hiring and this contract on giving at least 60 clear days written notice by email whereupon Azelia Hall will refund any money paid by bank-to-bank transfer to the originating account less the initial hire deposit.


9.        The Trustees and employees shall have the full right of access to all areas of the Hall during hirings.


10.      You are responsible for laying out tables and chairs but we may be able to assist by arrangement.


11.       If the kitchen is hired as part of the booking, the above provisions as to insurance shall apply and it shall be your obligation to leave the kitchen clean and tidy, remove all foodstuff, and rubbish and pack in your refuse bags. A charge may be made in the case of breach of this.


12.       If your event is to have a substantial use of live or recorded music then we will inform you if it attracts a liability for a specific charge over and above our annual blanket fee from the Performing Right Society Ltd or Phonographic Performance Ltd. And you will pay that and indemnify us in respect of it.